Introvertie VIENNA

is a brand for people with loud minds and louder clothes. 
We may not go out often, but when we do, we go out in style. 

We are a small women-run fashion label based in Vienna, Austria.

We specialise in Resort Wear and create limited capsule collections from rare fabrics with prints that are specifically printed for us.

Limited Editions

Our special pieces, whether it's the perfect brunch dressthe easy-to-wear slip dress, or the essential silk pants for the summer, are all made of natural fibers such as silk, linen, cotton and viscose.

Each design is produced in limited quantities to offer our customers something unique and special that they will enjoy for a long time.


We strive for outstanding quality & create pieces that last.

Designed in Vienna & lovingly crafted in Bucharest, Romania.  



I'm Sarah, the founder of Introvertie VIENNA.

Many people have asked me why I chose the name Introvertie, which means introverted in French and if that's not a contradiction: Colorful clothes and being introverted.

Being introverted is often misunderstood in our society. Being introverted does not mean you're shy or anti-social. You simply require a lot of alone time to recharge. Being an introvert myself, my environment usually gets a sense of who I am by the way I dress - even before we've had a conversation.

I may appear quiet or shy if you will, but my clothes are not. That's how Introvertie VIENNA was born. Of course, our clothes aren't exclusively for Introverts. We love our fellow Extroverts. It's the mix of both that makes our world so fun and special.


Sarah xxx  

At the Atelier in Vienna